Baby Care

I’m a pediatrician’s daughter. I grew up with the mind set that you are born with a body that works. My dad was always off checking on new perfect little babies or sending sick babies off to specialists. His bread and butter was just talking mothers through things mother nature takes care of. 
I learned that if you weren’t delirious, fever was your friend. It was killing the germs that were making you sick. You weren’t trying to get rid of a fever, just trying to be comfortable. 
To never wake a sleeping baby/child. (Unless it’s been dropped on it’s head. Then you wake it every hour for the first 24…hope I don’t need to explain that these are general principles.)
I learned it’s easier to get rid of a bug than to kill it, so you scrubbed EVERY scrape with soap, warm water and a wash rag. Neither me or my five children have had anything get infected in the last 53 years.
I learned colds were caused by viruses so I or my children rarely if ever took antibiotics.
This is the short list.
I was thinking about it today because I heard a teaser that said maybe what we thought was high blood pressure was really normal. Gah! The only medicine I even take is for my slightly elevated blood pressure! And yesterday it was the vitamins we don’t need to take. Could they continue to whipsaw us anymore?
I believe I’ve staid healthy because of my common sense father, picking eating and benign neglect.
Never followed any fad diet. Never stopped eating butter. Never ate spicy foods. (My intestines work like a charm) I lived on peanut butter and tuna.
Never over did anything. 
Never held back my emotions. Good or bad they have flowed freely, leaving me with a soft heart and arteries I believe.
I can hear my daughter saying “Get a blog mother!”
Just putting it out there that our normal state should be joy and health. Keep your hands out of your mouth. nose and eyes and you’ll save yourself some grief. 
I DO know that many are out there in the midst of healing. I have been blessed beyond measure with good health and count it God’s grace. I’m hoping to curb just a tiny bit the ways we make ourselves sick. May you soon be back to health and comfort. 

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